About Us

Located at 826 LEXINGTON AVENUE (63-64 STREET)

Lanciani Travel Jewelry® was founded in 1993 when its first flagship store opened on Madison Avenue in NYC. 


For the modern woman who travels often on business or pleasure and doesn't want to worry about traveling with her precious jewelry but still look her very best, Lanciani Travel Jewelry® fills that niche.


And it does so in a way that no other collection can. With a quality that is unparalleled in today's market for fashion jewelry. With new collections that are both fresh and contemporary. With an overall style that will not lose its appeal with the changing fashions.


Our commitment to customer service is one that stands entirely behind the quality of our jewelry and the service that we provide at our NYC store located at 826 LEXINGTON AVENUE between 63-64 street street and on our website.


Each piece is plated with 3 layers of yellow, white or oxidized gold and hand set with high-intensity cubic zirconia stones.


We thank you for shopping with us and for sharing the discovery of Lanciani Travel Jewelry® with your friends and family.

The Lanciani Team